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South Korean media said that this year, South Korea, China Taiwan and Japanese electronics companies, not only in large-screen television market in the small-screen mobile phone market, competition will be fierce.
Reportedly, the "e-business with Samsung SDI and other mass production starting this year called the" Dream Displays "of the active type OLED (organic light-emitting diodes), OLED market in the dynamic model can be fierce battle for market share." Active type OLED backlight is different from the reliance on the LCD, can be self-illuminated, can significantly reduce the thickness and weight, and color reproduction range and chiaroscuro very prominent, the reaction rate faster than the original LCD for more than 1,000 times, it was named the best DMB phone display. If we use is equipped with dynamic OLED-based DMB phone watch football matches, in the small screen, you can clearly see a small point size, and almost the same size of the football trajectory.
The industry official said: In the early mass production less efficient than LCD, so the price will be higher. However, image quality and utilization are very prominent in the small screen will eventually dominate the market.
Market research firm DisplaySearch predicts that dynamic OLED-based production of 2.39 million from last year increased to 24.841 million this year, and 2008 of 95.885 million and other "vertical rise," breakthroughs in 2010 will be 200 million.
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