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According to market research firm DisplaySearch recently released a study showing that in August this year, the world's large-size TFT LCD panel shipments reached 38.69 million the previous month and an increase of 10.9%, LCD TV panel shipments reached 22 fastest-growing %, Notebook PC panel 11% growth rate of the rival Samsung to 8.58 million shipments a month, large-size ship titles, Chi Mei is the LCD TV panel shipments title.
DisplaySearch noted that in August 2008 more than the world's 10-inch TFT LCD panel shipments reached 38.69 million, an increase over the previous month were 2.42 million, compared with the same period last year grew by 6.7%; of these in particular, LCD TV panel shipments The greatest increase, reaching 9.76 million. August shipments ranking, Samsung first; LG Display second quantity of 8.07 million; AU Optronics to 7.25 million ranked third.

Types of market position in each application area, in the liquid crystal display panel with respect Notebook PC shipments were ranked No. 1 Samsung, LG Display second place; in CMO No. 1 in LCD TV, Samsung second; while AUO in the shipments three Applications third. From the shipping area, global large-size TFT LCD 8 month delivery area of 5.9 million square meters, compared to last month's increase of 87 million square meters, an increase of 18.7%. The top five manufacturers by shipping area of the market share of 87% the previous month increased 1.1% year on year increase of 4.3%, apparently, the entire TFT LCD industry is big to get bigger, stronger stronger.

From the application side of view, Notebook PC panel of the top three suppliers of Samsung, LG Display, AU Optronics; LCD Monitor's top three suppliers, compared with Samsung, LG Display, CMO. LCD TV panel supplier for the top three CMO, Samsung, AUO. DisplaySearch believes that due to large-size LCD panel prices have fallen to marginal cost, while downstream brand manufacturers have begun to pull cargo fill inventory, so in September the world's large-size panel shipments are expected to increase in August compared with more than 5%.

DisplaySearch expects the future, cost-effective design, energy saving and environmental features of large-size TFT-LCD panels will be the major trends in this field. Notebook computer applications in some LED products, displays 16:10 notebook panels this year will be to achieve LED standardization, but panel makers are still more than 90% of the 16:9 notebook panels using LED, the next launch of notebook makers The new 16:9 notebook computers will soon turn to LED.

Now, many panel makers have decided after the year 2010, the production of notebook panels will all use LED backlighting. In addition, notebook panel makers did not increase the brightness of its mainstream models, but rather to focus on reducing weight and power consumption to meet the future product plans. Clearly, environmental responsibility and reduce power consumption LCD display panels have become the main design. By the light bulb from four down to two, the overall panel power consumption can be reduced 30-40%. However, the need to reduce power consumption and a compromise between maintaining high brightness.

In the LCD TV panels, most suppliers to model subdivided into different size categories, in response to price movements. The entry-level models of brightness is usually 400-450nit, contrast ratio is 2000:1. For the mainstream HD models, brightness is usually 450-500nit, contrast ratio is 2500:1 to 3000:1. For more than 37-inch high-end models, brightness is a 500nit, a contrast ratio of 5000:1.

Panel makers from the second half of 2008 in full high-definition products, using only 10-bit color and 120Hz frequency, LED backlight only for 42-inch and larger panels being. LCD panel makers also based on pre-embedded-type frame (FMB) to reduce the cost of LCD TV and the provision of thin mechanical design. The field of LCD TV panels and the pursuit of energy-saving environmental protection products, including the plan to 26-42 inches 30-40% lower power consumption products.

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