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     LED display in the society and the economy are widely used in many areas. Many applications in the LED display area, traffic information display is one of the areas in which important applications, especially in the information age, intelligent transportation system development, for social services to the public transport sector, the release of information has become an important service content, all types of information display devices for airports, railway stations, docks, bus stations, highways, urban roads, parking lots and other information for the public release of the leading means by which, LED display with its high brightness and high reliability Features the favorite.

         LED display is a means of intelligent transportation systems

     Intelligent Transportation System (IntelligentTrans-portationSystem, referred to as ITS) refers to a special audience for the public or to provide comprehensive traffic information services, intelligent information systems. Intelligent traffic information service system in general, including information sources, information processing and information dissemination and some other shows, including the release show that the major is to use a variety of multimedia display devices, such as LED displays, LCD displays, CRT displays, PDP displays and so on.

     The development of modern information display technology, forming a CRT, LCD, PDP, LED, EL, DLP series of information display products. Throughout the development of various types of display products, 14-inch LCD is the dominant 14-inch -32 inch CRT is led by 40 inches -70 inches or 100 inches will be the PDP market, the 100-inch and above, whether it is indoors or outdoor, LED display with absolute advantage of becoming the mainstream products.

     In China's transportation industry, relatively speaking, airport flight information display system in the system dynamic composition, display terminals, etc. in general are more advanced; rail passenger information display system to guide an earlier start to show the means traditionally LED and CRT for the Lord, in recent years, rapid development of automation systems and passenger transport network, showing good intelligence level; road traffic guidance systems are rapidly rising, in the development and improvement of the process, due to road traffic environmental characteristics, LED display to be the main information display means.

         LED display is the road traffic system is mainly induced release carrier

     Road Traffic Guidance System is a modern city intelligent traffic management system, an important traffic information service system, the system real-time processing and analysis of dynamic traffic conditions, by the control center of command decision-makers through the manual or automatic mode, external distribution and display traffic information, road conditions, to reduce congestion, increase road capacity.

     In practice, the traffic guidance information for the public is generally released in the outdoor environment, due to the high-brightness LED display characteristics of the various forms of LED displays as traffic-induced release of information on the major carriers. Common transport induction there is traffic guidance LED display LED display (variable information board), traffic-induced path signs, parking signs, variable identification signs.

     Traffic guidance information outdoor LED display, according to the requirements of road traffic management and traffic guidance information released show the actual situation, in particular the use of function has the following characteristics: high brightness, viewing angle is reasonable; display color to red, green, yellow-based; Display brightness automatically adjustable; work around the clock, environmental conditions are very complex; remote control, intelligent detection; security, real-time, accuracy, reliability, high requirements.

     LED displays and broad prospects in the field of transport

     With the continuous improvement of materials technology to broaden the scope of application of the LED. Looking transportation field LED display applications, the following areas of concern:

         Traffic signal market demand

     Ultra-bright, high-power LED devices in the urban traffic lights has been widely used. LED lights with its high brightness, high reliability, low use cost, long-life characteristics such as urban traffic management departments to be of all ages. From a nationwide perspective, the process of urbanization and road development of municipal construction, the new traffic intersection growing number of traditional traffic signals currently in use are also LED lights have been replaced. Forecast of domestic market capacity of the road LED traffic signals should be billions of dollars. In addition, light-lane highway, airport, railway, shipping and other areas of the signal, logo type lights, there are also a considerable market potential. www.tranbbs.com

         Highway LED Variable Information boards have become standardized and standardized product

     Highway LED Variable intelligence panels, variable speed limit signs and other products for highway construction has become standardized and standardized products, the existing roads need to add sound, new roads standards and norms supporting facilities requirements, industry standards-related products has been officially promulgated and implemented. An estimated annual road variable information panels, variable speed limit signs and other display products to the market capacity of 300 million yuan to 5 billion yuan.

        Are broad prospects for automotive applications

     According to research statistics, LED brake lights for car owners when the response time faster than the traditional incandescent 80ns, driving on the highway will be an increase of 4 meters to 6 meters a safe distance. As the LED good seismic performance, energy-saving, green environmental protection and other features, automotive lighting, lighting and other applications will also be a good development. At present many domestic and foreign brands of car manufacturers have introduced LED brake lights, instrument lights and lighting.

         Urban road traffic induction, signs, etc. in the gradual expansion

     Road traffic-induced LED display in various cities in the rapid growth of product technology is developing rapidly. In the product type, the traffic guidance LED display is currently still the mainstream product, but a variety of simple, economical and practical information on identification of variable traffic signs will be popular products, and the formation of lead.

         Beijing 2008 Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo 2010 will bring development opportunities

     2008 Beijing Olympic Games and 2010 Shanghai World Expo will be held for the LED display to bring tremendous business opportunities. In the urban transport sector, LED display market will have increased significantly.

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